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Mingxin + Kyler – Pittsburgh, North Shore Engagement Session

Mingxin + Kyler - Pittsburgh, North Shore Engagement Session

Mingxin and Kyler’s engagement session on the North Shore was of epic proportions.  Not 20 minutes into the shoot the sky darkened and the sky was practically illuminated with consistent lightning.  I knew that we did not have long to take cover before the sky completely opened.  We snapped a couple more portraits with that pre-storm twilight and then decided to get indoors to wait out the storm.   And what a storm it was!  Horizontal rain, some hail and some very close lightning bolts made me very happy we had made it indoors in time!

After about an hour the storm finally slowed down enough to head back down the Riverwalk and across the Clemente Bridge to where we were parked.  The city lights were beginning to come on and we took this as an opportunity to get city backdrop photos from the top of our parking garage.  Standing at the highest point with the city lights and a couple of rumbles of thunder still in the background was an amazing moment, scroll down to see the outcome.

Oh and when a couple says, “borrow our boat for your photos”, you borrow the boat.  Thankful for Pittsburgh generosity!

Cannot wait for their October wedding at the Renaissance.  I have a feeling it will be just as epic!


Jessica + Dave Engagement Session

Jessica + Dave Engagement Session

We literally walked 500 miles for this engagement session and Jessica seriously did the whole thing in heels. 🙂 We had a gorgeous day on the North Shore and decided to head across the bridge into the city to get some shots with PPG (where they got engaged) in the background. It was a Saturday, but had the hustle and bustle of a weekday with all of the events going on. Somehow the two of them were able to turn off all of the distractions around them and just focus on one another and their chemistry is absolutely undeniable. I was so impressed with the fact that Dave did not complain once, even when the session went over the 2 hour mark. Absolutely loved capturing these images for you two and I hope you love them as well! Can’t wait for your wedding next year!