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Vendor Corner – Jae Lee Paredes | Is hiring a professional makeup artist really that important for your wedding?

Vendor Corner - Jae Lee Paredes | Is hiring a professional makeup artist really that important for your wedding?


As wedding season slows down a little, I thought I would take some time to ask some local wedding professionals some important questions about their role in your wedding day! Who doesn’t want to look beautiful on their wedding day? Its a day that we dream about from the time we were little girls. Sometimes we even play dress up and get into our mom’s makeup to play the part of a bride. I’m terrible at doing my own makeup, so it was a no brainer for me to hire a professional, but even if you are REALLY, REALLY good at doing your own, you may just want to set some money aside for a professional makeup artist anyways. Here are Jae Lee’s reasons in her own words!

All weddings have a budget and some brides decide not to hire makeup and hair professionals as they see it as an added expense. But please believe me when I say that hiring a professional makeup artist for your big day is more than worth the investment. If you are already spending $$$$ on your dress, shoes, veil, flowers, etc then you have already spent a good amount on the way that you are going to look on your big day. Finish it off and go that extra distance to put the whole look together.

Makeup for everyday, and makeup for photography are two very different things. Sure it may be a bit more than hiring “the girl at your hairdresser’s or the nearest makeup counter” but here are the reasons why hiring the professionals are a cut above the rest:

* A professional makeup artist works directly in the industry in fashion, beauty, film, television, print…the list goes on.

* Our training, schooling and skill goes above any youtube or instagram artist. We spend hundreds to thousands each year learning our craft at seminars, workshops and special classes to bring you the latest and greatest products and techniques.

* We have the know how to work with any skin tone, type, features, shape and even environment including humidity, hot, cold, etc.

* Our job is also to make each bride feel stress free, relaxed and comfortable while she is being pampered.

* Professional services are on site, on location luxury service.

* You have access to your professional through email and phone to discuss any details leading up to your wedding day.

* You have the option to do previews beforehand to perfect your look and make sure it fits in with the theme of the wedding (vintage, glamour, natural, etc.) and this gives you time to ask any questions you may have in person.

* Usually the artist on site is already familiar with your on location hair stylist, so they are able to work together to smoothly ensure the timeline doesn’t get off track.

In the end, the decision to hire a professional is completely up to you. There is an artist out there for everyone’s taste..just as there is the perfect lip shade for every woman. You have every detail planned perfectly..don’t settle for anything less for your wedding day beauty. Remember..this is the most photographed day of your life..there are no do overs.

Jae Lee Paredes is a Pittsburgh Makeup Artist who provides on-location makeup services traveling throughout the tri-state area. She is an accomplished and creative airbrush makeup artist with experience in all areas of makeup including bridal, fashion, video and print. Proud to be self-taught and workshop savvy, her experience provides her clients with a dependable and detail oriented professional.

Just one of our shared clients and her beautiful professional makeup by Jae Lee.