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Lauren + Dylan | Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory Engagement Session

Lauren + Dylan | Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory Engagement Session

It’s not a secret, I am in LOVE with the West Coast, so anytime I have the ability to photograph a beautiful couple with LA as the backdrop, I am going to jump on it! Lauren and Dylan were so wonderful to work with. They have the most amazing bond and it was so fun to watch the two of them interact with each other. Griffifth Observatory was absolutely packed, but it seemed as if time was standing still around us and around them and their love story was the only thing that really mattered on the top of the Hollywood Hills that day. I absolutely loved spending the time with the two of you and I really love the photos that we captured that day! I hope you love them as well!


Wedding Guest Style Guide

Wedding Guest Style Guide

The Holiday season is in full swing!  With a full line-up of New Year’s celebrations planned for this weekend and engagement rings popping up all over, it is a great time to talk a little bit about what you and your guests should be wearing to the big event!

Are you planning your own wedding, or celebrating your bestie this year?  With many different types of weddings and events, it is sometimes hard to know what to wear, even with a suggested dress code!  You definitely do not want to leave your guests confused!  Have no fear and cue the hallelujahs!  The Black Tux, an online tuxedo rental company that offers a well-curated selection of stylish, modern  formalwear, recently shared The Wedding Guest Style Guide with my team!  This will definitely help point you and your guests in the right direction!

Wedding Guest Style Guide

Whew!  That is a lot of awesome and useful information!  Here are just a few of my suggestions for being a stellar guest on your bestie’s wedding day!

  1.  DO adhere to the couple’s dress code request.  If it says black tie, please (PLEASE) do not show up in khakis and a button down.  Just don’t!  Likewise, if they are having a casual beach wedding, don’t show up in a tuxedo jacket with tails and bowtie, (unless you don’t mind being the entertainment for the evening!)
  2. DON’T wear white to a wedding (unless you are specifically asked to) EVER!  White (off-white and ivory too) are usually reserved for the bride.  You don’t want to be “that girl” for the entire night.
  3. DO dress for the venue, location and season!  (Those stiletto heals are gorg, but not practical for a garden wedding).  Make sure to always have a sweater for a Spring or Fall wedding and a full on winter coat, gloves, hat and scarf for the Winter one’s!
  4. DON’T wear the wedding colors.  Only the wedding party and immediate family have rights to the color of the day.  You don’t want the photographer pestering you for photos every time they do a group shot of the bridal party anyways!
  5. DO wear something that you are comfortable in!  Something too short or too tight is never a good idea on the dance floor!  Also, don’t forget an extra pair of dancing shoes if you decide to wear those stilettos!
  6. DON’T dress inappropriately!  Be respectful of everyone in attendance.  Overly sexy looks should be saved for your own date nights. 😉
  7. When in doubt, DON’T underdress…you can always take that sweater off at the reception; unless of course you want an excuse to borrow that cute groomsman’s suit jacket!

The Black Tux offers a wide variety of high quality tuxedo, suit, and accessory rentals for the groom, groomsmen, guests, and all the other important men in your life!  Ladies, if you too are interested in renting a bit of luxury from some of the top designers around for your next wedding celebration, be sure to check out Rent the Runway!

So who is headed to a wedding soon??  What will you be wearing?

Vendor Highlight – Basic Invite

Vendor Highlight - Basic Invite

Hi all!  I cannot believe the holidays are already here!  This month has absolutely flown by with preparations.  Gift buying, wrapping, card sending and joy wishing are just a few of the things that have kept us busy.  I am so thankful for my good friends with Basic Invite that make one part of the process much easier to handle!  From holiday cards to beautiful wedding invitations, they have got you covered!  My absolute favorites are the real wood invites!  What the perfect addition to a winter wedding.  I’ll let them share a few tidbits about their business with you, along with an awesome discount code if you read to the bottom!

Invitations For A Winter Wedding Wonderland

The holiday season is in full swing which means engagement season is here! With the celebrations and nights by the fireplace and family and friends all around… this time of year is the perfect excuse for a romantic engagement or winter wedding. There are many ways to go about planning you winter wedding wonderland and the stationery pros at Basic Invite want to share with you some of their favorite icy inspiration for your fabulous event!


Picture Perfect

The amount of ideas for wedding invitations are endless, but one of the most timeless – photo wedding invitations. Guests love seeing the happy couple in all their pre-nuptial glory so give the people what they want! Take some snow filled photos this winter and use them for your destination wedding save the date or your winter themed wedding invites.


Destination Wedding

Hitting the slopes or planning a snowy cabin getaway for your wedding is the perfect reason to try out Basic Invite’s destination wedding invitations. They have tons of themes like nautical, tropical, woodsy, and of course, wintery. So, make a thing of it! Use your destination as a platform for your decor and overall aesthetic.


Holiday Greetings

Let your wedding announcements double as unique Christmas cards this year! If you are getting married or currently tying up loose ends from your big day and have to cross things off your Christmas list – this is the best way to get two things done at once! A true holiday and planning professional! Basic Invite has over 250 holiday card designs and many of them are geared towards newlyweds. This is a unique approach to the holidays that is special in more ways than one.


Real Wood

Real wood wedding invitations are the ultimate detail for a winter wedding. They bring that deep woodsy feel to life with cherry wood veneer and bright white ink. These will impress your guests and be a great starting point for a romantic holiday wedding. Choose a deep red or green colored envelope for an extra enchanting element.


With over 180 colors and 200 wedding invitation designs their are limitless options when it comes to your wedding invitation designs. Try mix and matching ice blue hues and add some gold or silver foil for a sparkling seasonal feel.


Basic Invite is currently offering 15% off everything site wide and 30% off all holiday cards.

Happy holidays and best wishes!



Rebecca + Landon | September 23, 2016 – Settlers Cabin Park

Rebecca + Landon | September 23, 2016 - Settlers Cabin Park

When Rebecca contacted me to photograph their intimate wedding at Settlers Cabin Park with just their immediate family present, I was thrilled!  The ceremony would be short but she wanted close to two hours of portraits of just the two of them,


Even better the weather was absolutely perfect!  The sunlight streaming in at the location they chose was absolutely gorgeous and the lush greens that mark the end of summer were the absolute perfect backdrop.

The portrait portion was a dream.  They were so comfortable together and everything was just effortless.  Enjoy their beautiful wedding day portraits!

2016-10-04_0001.jpg 2016-10-04_0002.jpg 2016-10-04_0003.jpg 2016-10-04_0004.jpg 2016-10-04_0005.jpg 2016-10-04_0006.jpg 2016-10-04_0007.jpg 2016-10-04_0008.jpg 2016-10-04_0009.jpg 2016-10-04_0010.jpg 2016-10-04_0011.jpg 2016-10-04_0012.jpg 2016-10-04_0013.jpg 2016-10-04_0014.jpg 2016-10-04_0015.jpg 2016-10-04_0016.jpg 2016-10-04_0017.jpg 2016-10-04_0018.jpg 2016-10-04_0019.jpg 2016-10-04_0020.jpg 2016-10-04_0021.jpg 2016-10-04_0022.jpg 2016-10-04_0023.jpg 2016-10-04_0024.jpg

Sara + Michael | August 21, 2016 – Palisadium, Cliffside NJ + NYC Skyline

Sara + Michael | August 21, 2016 - Palisadium, Cliffside NJ + NYC Skyline

We posted a couple of weeks ago the engagement session that we shot in Brooklyn and now the wedding that brought us to the big city!  Sara and Michael had a beautiful day with a venue overlooking the Manhattan skyline and despite some rain, their first look and portraits were absolutely beautiful outdoors on the Hudson River.

They had a traditional Orthodox Jewish ceremony and I loved the energy and excitement around the entire wedding day.  They moved the ceremony indoors to a gorgeous ballroom and their reception setup was surrounded with windows and views of the city.

Absolutely loved every part of this wedding and having Kristy Lumsden Photography along as my second shooter.

Mingxin + Kyler – Pittsburgh, North Shore Engagement Session

Mingxin + Kyler - Pittsburgh, North Shore Engagement Session

Mingxin and Kyler’s engagement session on the North Shore was of epic proportions.  Not 20 minutes into the shoot the sky darkened and the sky was practically illuminated with consistent lightning.  I knew that we did not have long to take cover before the sky completely opened.  We snapped a couple more portraits with that pre-storm twilight and then decided to get indoors to wait out the storm.   And what a storm it was!  Horizontal rain, some hail and some very close lightning bolts made me very happy we had made it indoors in time!

After about an hour the storm finally slowed down enough to head back down the Riverwalk and across the Clemente Bridge to where we were parked.  The city lights were beginning to come on and we took this as an opportunity to get city backdrop photos from the top of our parking garage.  Standing at the highest point with the city lights and a couple of rumbles of thunder still in the background was an amazing moment, scroll down to see the outcome.

Oh and when a couple says, “borrow our boat for your photos”, you borrow the boat.  Thankful for Pittsburgh generosity!

Cannot wait for their October wedding at the Renaissance.  I have a feeling it will be just as epic!