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Lauren + Dylan | Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory Engagement Session

Lauren + Dylan | Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory Engagement Session

It’s not a secret, I am in LOVE with the West Coast, so anytime I have the ability to photograph a beautiful couple with LA as the backdrop, I am going to jump on it! Lauren and Dylan were so wonderful to work with. They have the most amazing bond and it was so fun to watch the two of them interact with each other. Griffifth Observatory was absolutely packed, but it seemed as if time was standing still around us and around them and their love story was the only thing that really mattered on the top of the Hollywood Hills that day. I absolutely loved spending the time with the two of you and I really love the photos that we captured that day! I hope you love them as well!


Wedding Guest Style Guide

Wedding Guest Style Guide

The Holiday season is in full swing!  With a full line-up of New Year’s celebrations planned for this weekend and engagement rings popping up all over, it is a great time to talk a little bit about what you and your guests should be wearing to the big event!

Are you planning your own wedding, or celebrating your bestie this year?  With many different types of weddings and events, it is sometimes hard to know what to wear, even with a suggested dress code!  You definitely do not want to leave your guests confused!  Have no fear and cue the hallelujahs!  The Black Tux, an online tuxedo rental company that offers a well-curated selection of stylish, modern  formalwear, recently shared The Wedding Guest Style Guide with my team!  This will definitely help point you and your guests in the right direction!

Wedding Guest Style Guide

Whew!  That is a lot of awesome and useful information!  Here are just a few of my suggestions for being a stellar guest on your bestie’s wedding day!

  1.  DO adhere to the couple’s dress code request.  If it says black tie, please (PLEASE) do not show up in khakis and a button down.  Just don’t!  Likewise, if they are having a casual beach wedding, don’t show up in a tuxedo jacket with tails and bowtie, (unless you don’t mind being the entertainment for the evening!)
  2. DON’T wear white to a wedding (unless you are specifically asked to) EVER!  White (off-white and ivory too) are usually reserved for the bride.  You don’t want to be “that girl” for the entire night.
  3. DO dress for the venue, location and season!  (Those stiletto heals are gorg, but not practical for a garden wedding).  Make sure to always have a sweater for a Spring or Fall wedding and a full on winter coat, gloves, hat and scarf for the Winter one’s!
  4. DON’T wear the wedding colors.  Only the wedding party and immediate family have rights to the color of the day.  You don’t want the photographer pestering you for photos every time they do a group shot of the bridal party anyways!
  5. DO wear something that you are comfortable in!  Something too short or too tight is never a good idea on the dance floor!  Also, don’t forget an extra pair of dancing shoes if you decide to wear those stilettos!
  6. DON’T dress inappropriately!  Be respectful of everyone in attendance.  Overly sexy looks should be saved for your own date nights. 😉
  7. When in doubt, DON’T underdress…you can always take that sweater off at the reception; unless of course you want an excuse to borrow that cute groomsman’s suit jacket!

The Black Tux offers a wide variety of high quality tuxedo, suit, and accessory rentals for the groom, groomsmen, guests, and all the other important men in your life!  Ladies, if you too are interested in renting a bit of luxury from some of the top designers around for your next wedding celebration, be sure to check out Rent the Runway!

So who is headed to a wedding soon??  What will you be wearing?

Wintery Valentine’s Day Shoot

Wintery Valentine's Day Shoot

This session was just TOO fun to not revisit again this year. The floral crown ALONE is worth two, three, TEN features! Stephanie of The Blue Daisy Floral hit the ball out of the park with that creation! Hannah Conard Beauty did a number on the hair and makeup and my models for the day were beyond amazing!

It is freezing this weekend, almost as cold as it was on this day! Thankfully they had each other to keep warm. I LOVE the red dress against the snow. Just everything fell together perfectly and it is still one of my favorite sessions! Hope you enjoy seeing these again as much as I do! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with those that you love today and stay warm!!