About Our Photography
  • About Our Photography

  • I am drawn to the light and drawn to the emotions that are shared between loved ones. My goal is to create images that are timeless. Images that are relevant now, but will still be relevant for your grandchildren and their children. I strive to create relationships. To forge bonds with my clients and their families and have them stay in contact with me long after hanging up their dress. Photography is in my blood. I do not go anywhere without searching for the light. I am blessed that I am able to spend my time doing what I love and sharing it with others. We love: Anything destination, father/daughter dances (and mother/son and mother/daughter and anything there and in between), giggling flower girls, grandma’s and grandpa’s, tulle, heartfelt details, joy, love and everything that makes your wedding day special to you.

About Jenni
  • About Jenni

  • I never realized when stepping into that dark room all the way back in 1998, that my life would have taken the path that it has. I learned to love photography organically, with a film camera and a trip to Yellowstone National Park. It was amazing to me to capture the light and then bring it home and develop that light into a cherished keepsake. I strive to still keep that as my vision when shooting weddings and families.I am a wife, mother and dreamer. I love: Jesus, my three amazing children, my loving and always supportive husband (you’ll love him too!), the BEACH, toes in the sand, dramatic detective shows, travel, being spontaneous, dancing at weddings, One Direction, sappy love stories, fields of wildflowers and morning cuddle sessions. I cannot wait to learn about you!
  • Location

  • Based in Pittsburgh, PA but available for travel worldwide. We have shared in amazing memories throughout the continental US and internationally. We would love to document your love journey! Email us for more information and a custom quote for your incredible event!

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